Turnkey Milk Processing Factories

Krom Max Machine offers you engineering and after-sales support at every stage of milk processing. We are with you in every field, from the selection of machinery and equipment to your business, to consumable support.

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Professional Service

We provide professional service with our experienced team to provide the most accurate and economical solutions by conducting sectoral researches in line with the demands of our customers.

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Happy Customers

We take great care to maximize our customer satisfaction and aim to see you happy by establishing one-to-one communication with our after-sales services.

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Why Krom Max?

Krom Max Machine offers a unique customer experience by giving guarantee after sales service and all its products. Contact us to benefit from this professional service.

We aim for innovation in our products by closely following mechanical production technologies.

We continue to be a pioneer in the sector by using basic and applied research and experimental development methods of R&D activities in machinery manufacturing.

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We Worked in Iraq

We established a turnkey milk processing factory in Iraq.

Krom Max Machine

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Happy Costumers

There are someone who is satisfied with the products and services we offer. Check out their happiness.

We are very pleased to be working with Chrome Max. He responded to our requests in the most accurate and fastest way.

We would like to thank Krom Max for establishing our milk processing facility in the most modern and useful way.


Here's what you wonder, don't know and interesting information about food machines.

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Our country, that's a beautiful beauty in every region, is also most of the countries of the world today. Industries wherein new and new companies continuously enter manufacturing situations in exclusive sectors, in particular meals manufacturing, is an area in itself. New or old organizations that produce almost all types of food within the field of meals need to survive in the global competition manipulate and attraction to extra audiences.

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We Are Leading in Manufacturing

Our country is a society that shows rapid advances and developments in the industrial field. In addition, Anatolian lands have an extremely fertile and fertile soil structure. Based on this, in this beautiful geography where four seasons surrounded by seas on three sides are experienced, food production is made in very different areas, which is among the rare countries that are self-sufficient as everyone knows very well.

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